Here's the inside scoop on some of our key features

Founded in 2004, SearchForce has significant experience in the industry, enabling us to deliver a highly intuitive and effective SEM platform with an exceptional underlying technology. Each feature has been designed with the user experience in mind - minimizing the manually intensive workflows of optimizing bids, streamlining reports and simplifying campaign management. The end result is a robust paid search solution that significantly improves the efficiency and ROI of your SEM operations.

Internationally Localized

  • SearchForce is an internationally localized platform with support for local language, time zone and currency
  • Customer presence in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Account setup – be up and running in minutes

Bid management & optimization

  • Dynamic keyword segmentation – gives you the building blocks to customize and automate any bid strategy or heuristic
  • Portfolio based optimization - sophisticated statistical algorithms based on bayesian analytics, confidence estimations, sparse data analysis and linear optimizations identify inefficiencies in the search market space and exploit them for maximum ROI and profit
  • Bid rules - Customize and tweak your automated portfolio strategies with conditional bid rules
  • CPA, CPC, profit and margin (ROAS) based strategies
  • Intra day brand strategies – compete for paid search position on brand terms throughout the day
  • Advanced controls – fine tune reactions to factors such as seasonality, low volume and/or low performing keywords
  • Contextual bid optimization – optimize your bids across automatic and managed placements

Conversion tracking

  • Multiple tracking options based on need – java script, session or re-direction tracking, FTP or search engine tracking
  • Track unlimited events – such as leads, registrations, sign-ups & purchases across your websites
  • Flexible revenue capture – specify the value of a conversion or capture dynamic revenue from actual sales
  • Path to conversion (keyword assists) – understand search behavior by identifying all keywords that led to a conversion
  • Raw conversion reports – track information such as landing & conversion time stamps, referring URLs, referring domains, search queries and much more
  • Support for automatic, managed placements and image ads – gain visibility into performance of your contextual advertising
  • Delayed conversions – specify cookie expirations to account for users that click on your ad and convert at a later time

Reporting & SEM analytics

  • Streamline and consolidate your reporting across accounts and search engines
  • Multiple report types and views – generate top level views into account, search engine, campaign, ad group, keyword/placement or creative performance
  • Configure fields and specify the sorting order within reports
  • Templates – save customized reports as template
  • Scheduling & email – automate the creation and delivery of custom reports through email
  • Express reports – generate a report from any screen at any time with a single click
  • Dashboards – isolate trends and provide snapshots of cross publisher account performance

Campaign management

  • Intuitive cross publisher campaign editor – eliminates the need to login to multiple publisher interfaces
  • Convenient mass editing – apply mass edits to campaigns, ad groups, keywords or creatives with a single click
  • URL Building – construct advanced & unique URL’s for integration with 3rd party analytics solutions
  • URL Management – seamless maintenance of display or destination URL’s with our advanced editing capability
  • Ad Scheduler – schedule campaigns to turn off during inefficient hours within the day
  • Keyword expansion - built-in keyword generation tool to expand your keyword set
  • Bulk Edit Sheet – edit your campaigns offline with our universal bulk edit sheet

White label

  • White label SearchForce – replace the SearchForce logo with your company’s logo
  • SearchForce Login – integrate SearchForce logins with your company’s website
  • URL Masking – replace all SearchForce URL’s with your company’s URL

Data integration

  • Offline tracking – easy integration of conversion or revenue data obtained through offline channels such as call tracking, direct mail or TV
  • Data revisions – revise conversion or revenue data based on cancelled or rejected orders
  • Analytics – upload conversion data tracked though existing tracking solutions or 3rd party analytics platforms such as Omniture or Google analytics
  • Push & pull synchronization – automatically synchronizes changes in both directions allowing you to work on SearchForce or the search engine while maintaining a high level of data accuracy